Noyce Leadership Institute


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Cohort 1 (2008) Cohort 2 (2009) Cohort 3 (2010) Cohort 4 (2011)
Cohort 5 (2012) Cohort 6 (2013) Cohort 7 (2014)


NLI Overview

The Noyce Leadership Institute (NLI) hones leadership talents of executives in organizations that seek to engage their communities with science. NLI is committed to expanding the impact of these organizations in their communities by increasing the capacity of their leaders to manage change, focus outward, engage peers and form key partnerships. NLI envisions an essential and transformative role for organizations that engage citizens of every age in understanding crucial science issues. Leaders of such innovative hubs will be supported and challenged by the Noyce Leadership Institute to make the individual, organizational and community changes required to realize the vision.

Since 2008, 123 Fellows and 92 Sponsors have participated in NLI. These individuals represent 91 institutions from 27 nations.  The 2014-15 Fellows program (Cohort 7) concludes in May 2015 and will be final cohort. Thereafter, NLI will support Alumni learning opportunities.