Every Child a Reader & Writer (ECRW)


The Every Child a Reader and Writer initiative ended in 2009. It was a nine-year joint venture between selected Silicon Valley school districts and the Noyce Foundation, with a shared goal of improvement of literacy instruction in all elementary classrooms. Working together, the districts and Noyce sought to develop strengthened literacy knowledge and leadership capacity within each of the districts with the aim of gradually releasing responsibility for the program to the participating districts. The Every Child a Reader and Writer materials are available for download below.



Professional Development Guide: Teacher Induction to Writing Workshop

This instructional guide is intended for use by professional developers leading teachers through an introductory course to writing workshop.


Professional Development Guide: Unit Design Course

This instructional guide is intended for use by professional developers leading second-year implementers of writing workshop through a six-day course in which they design narrative and informational units. Separate courses are included for K-1 and grades 2-5.


Inside Writing: Multimedia Records of Practice

This interactive website features key strategies and teaching practices in four K-5 writing workshop classrooms through the use of video, displays of student work and teaching resources. The website was jointly developed by the Noyce Foundation and the Carnegie Foundation and can be accessed at


Video - I Am a Writer

This video provides a comprehensive look at writing workshop. It explains what writing workshop is and provides examples of each of the writing workshop components. The video would be most useful for a practitioner.


Video Credit: Stephen Lee/First Pictures




Living the Life of a Writer

This unit of study is intended for use at the beginning of the year to introduce or reintroduce students to the writing workshop. There are six separate studies or units, one for each grade from kindergarten through fifth grade.


Genre Study Planning Guide

This guide describes and illustrates the planning process for developing a writing workshop unit of study.




Writing Workshop Implementation Scale (WWIS)

The WWIS is a tool for evaluating or self-assessing classroom implementation of writing workshop.


Instructional Leadership Profile: Promoting Equity in the Writing Workshop

The Instructional Leadership Profile describes components of instructional leadership which support effective implementation of writing workshop. The guide is focused on supporting the work of grade-level teams to do standards-based work, with emphasis on creating effective instruction which is equitable to all students.


Literacy Coaching in Support of Writers Workshop

The purpose of this document is to describe the roles the coach, the principal, the teachers, and the district office must fulfill to support effective school site literacy coaching.


Video - Principal-Coach Leadership Teams: A Practical Example to Support Effective Writing Instruction

This video describes and shows examples of how principals and coaches within a school work together to support teachers to implement writing workshop. Over a several-week span of time, a team works to improve its implementation of a particular aspect of writing workshop. Included are examples from classroom practice, a coaching session, and a grade level meeting with coach and principal to talk about what they have learned.


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