Human Capital
The Noyce Foundation supports major R&D efforts by quality national organizations to create new models for the recruitment, compensation, development, evaluation, and accountability of school principals and teachers as well as district and other leaders.




Education Resource Strategies (Watertown, MA)

Education Resource Strategies is dedicated to changing the way people, time, and money are used in urban education so that all students receive the support they need to succeed. The Noyce Foundation is supporting ERS to develop and scale its Knowledge and Research infrastructure and practice, and position the organization for future growth.

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New Leaders (New York, NY)

New Leaders recruits and trains exceptional leaders of urban public schools to raise the bar of student achievement to the highest level. The Noyce Foundation is supporting New Leaders to develop the capacity, tools, and knowledge to help districts transform their approach for recruiting, training, and supporting principals with the goal of significantly improving student learning and achievement.

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New Visions for Public Schools (New York, NY)

New Visions for Public Schools designs, creates and sustains great schools for New York City's highest-need students. It provides innovative solutions to deeply entrenched problems within New York City’s public schools through school creation, data-driven instructional and leadership supports, and innovative research. The Noyce Foundation is supporting New Visions for Public Schools to design and pilot a high school biology course aimed at creating a model for the coherent integration of science content and practices along with discipline-specific literacy skills.

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Teach Plus (Boston, MA)

Teach Plus improves outcomes for urban children by ensuring that more students have access to effective, experienced teachers. The Noyce Foundation is supporting Teach Plus to expand its impact through direct growth of the organization and services, including Teaching Policy Fellows, T3 Initiative and Teach Plus Network.

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TNTP (Brooklyn, NY)

TNTP works with school districts and states nationwide to ensure that poor and minority students are taught by outstanding teachers. The Noyce Foundation is supporting TNTP to partner with districts and states to create replicable models of teacher effectiveness management systems to be implemented at scale, provide an increasing number of new teachers with demonstrated effectiveness to high-need schools and subject areas, and promote a supportive policy environment and identify sustainable revenue streams for teacher effectiveness.

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Urban Schools Human Capital Academy (Reston, VA)

The USHCA develops, supports, and networks human capital leaders in urban school districts to drive measurable improvement in teacher and principal quality. It helps transform a district’s human capital management function into a more strategic and integrated component of the district’s overall approach to improve student achievement. The Noyce Foundation is supporting USHCA’s Emerging Human Capital Leaders Initiative, which develops leadership talent for human capital positions in school districts.

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