To support the success and endurance of system improvement the Foundation supports the development of leaders in the areas of our focus: improvement of math and science instruction and informal science especially in science centers.

Professional Development for School Leaders

We support the professional development of school and district leaders. We aim to create concrete examples of powerful leadership and improved academic achievement within a system-wide context. Our goal in the area of Teacher and Leadership Development is to raise the quality and quantity of teachers and administrative leaders in order to improve student achievement.

Noyce Leadership Institute

In 2007 the Foundation initiated the Noyce Leadership Institute to immerse science center executives in cutting edge knowledge and tools, promising practices, and professional networks, all designed to increase their capacity to lead effectively and have a greater public impact in their communities in the 21st century. From the Fellowship's inception in 2008 through its conclusion in 2015, 123 Fellows and 94 Sponsors participated in NLI. During the active phase of their program, these individuals represent 95 institutions and 21 nations; these numbers continue to grow as NLI Alumni move in their careers. Currently, the Alumni network continues to engage in shared learning opportunities.

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