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Noyce Leadership Fellows 2010 (Cohort 3)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fellow: Ellen McCallie, Deputy Director
Sponsor: Samuel Taylor, Director
Collectively develop and articulate a better understanding of the museum's audiences, their needs and perceptions, and how we can best direct our resources and programming to meet those needs, with a focus on underserved audiences.

COSI, Columbus, Ohio
Fellow: Kimberlee Kiehl, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer & Senior Vice President
Sponsor: Joe Heimlich, Professor, The Ohio State University
Create a systemic set of initiatives designed to grow general public attendance and membership, as well as to expand to new audiences in our community by making STEM relevant to their daily lives.

Fellow: Kim Gladstone Herlev, Deputy Managing Director, Director of Development
Sponsor: Asger H√łeg, CEO
Appoint and manage a think tank and create a regional partnership between Experimentarium and central interests, with the common goal of working towards establishing an innovative environment that focuses on modern technology.

EXPLORA, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Fellow: Betsy Adamson, Exhibits Director
Sponsor: Patrick Lopez, Executive Director
Lead the further visioning and long-term planning process for Explora's Directors group to interpret, focus and prioritize the ideas for the development of a learning park.

Exploratorium, San Francisco, California
Fellow: Sam Dean, Director, ExNET
Sponsor: Thomas C. Rockwell, Director Exhibits
Development of an integrated, creative pipeline connecting two major exhibition groups and tighten research, development, and dissemination efforts to produce a more cohesive continuum of practice.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, Fort Worth, Texas
Fellow: Charlie Walter, Executive Vice President of Programs
Sponsor: Van Romans, President
Develop a Sustainable Fort Worth Initiative program to build awareness where community leaders can come together and dialogue about the challenges the community is facing related to the use of
energy resources.

Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Fellow: Blake Andres, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Sponsors: Linda Abraham-Silver, CEO GLSC & David Abbot, Executive Director,
The George Gund Foundation
Lay the groundwork to establish a community-based Fresh Water Institute in Northeast Ohio.

National Museum of American History (Smithsonian), Washington, D.C.
Fellow: Judy Gradwohl, Associate Director for Public Programs
Sponsor: Richard Kurin, Smithsonian Institution Undersecretary for History, Art, and Culture
Examine how a national museum can create more informed and involved citizens through actively promoting civic engagement.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon
Fellow: Raymond Vandiver, Vice President, Center for Learning Experiences
Sponsor: Nancy Stueber, President
Develop exhibits and educational programming for the Portland community on the topic of sustainability, as well as the development of a Green Exhibit Guide for the professional museum community.

Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington
Fellow: Michal Anderson, Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Sponsor: Bryce Seidl, President & CEO
Develop a vibrant, sustainable and cost-effective Comprehensive Master Plan for Pacific Science Center that honors and preserves our past, while understanding the community's future demands for our facility.

Please Touch Museum, Pennsylvania
Fellow: Concetta Bencivenga, Executive Vice President
Sponsor: Laura Foster, President & CEO
Facilitate the transformation of the Please Touch Museum's culture from "The Little Museum that Could" to "The Big Museum that Does."

Saint Louis Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri
Fellow: Diane Miller, Senior Vice President of School and Community Programs and Partnerships
Sponsor: Doug King, President & CEO
Expand the role of the St. Louis Science Center as an educational resource in the St. Louis region and as a model for change in education in the United States via the creation of the Institute for Science Education.

Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota
Fellow: Kirsten Ellenbogen, Director of Evaluation & Research in Learning
Sponsors: Eric Jolly, President and Julie Johnson, John Roe Distinguished Chair
of Museum Leadership
Reframe the museum's Interpretive Plan, in a partnership with community leaders, to identify the role of SMM in informing policymakers in making decisions about current science issues.

Science North, Ontario, Canada
Fellow: Guy Labine, Chief Operating Officer
Sponsor: Jim Marchbank, CEO
Increase the relevance and significance of Dynamic Earth to the Northern Ontario community to realize its full potential.

Sciencenter, Ithaca, New York
Fellow: Lara Kimber, Associate Director
Sponsor: Charles Trautmann, Executive Director
Provide youth with basic "advocacy training" on how to use science to start a movement centeredon real world issues.

Telus World of Science, Calgary, Canada
Fellow: Julie Bowen, Director of Concept Development
Sponsor: Jennifer Martin, CEO
Undertake a sustainable strategy for changing content and maintaining currency of content in the new TWS through engagement with community, providing a model for other aspects of the changeability strategy for the new TWS.

The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fellow: Steve Snyder, Vice President Exhibit & Program Development
Sponsor: Troy Collins, Senior Vice President Programs, Marketing & Business Development
Development of the Philadelphia Science Festival, with a particular focus on developing on-going collaborative relationships between Informal Science Education organizations and building community around science.

The Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
Fellow: Sharon Ament, Director of Public Engagement
Sponsors: Michael Dixon, Museum Director and Richard Lane, Director of Science
Draw in contributors, build consensus, focus ideas and priorities, and begin implementation of the Public Engagement Strategy, with the ultimate goal of creating meaningful visitor interactions that inspire, last a lifetime, generate understanding, and urge people onto action.