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Noyce Leadership Fellows 2011 (Cohort 4)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

At-Bristol, United Kingdom
Fellow: Dan Bird, Exhibitions Director
Sponsor: Goéry Delacôte, CEO
Develop new ways to extend and personalise the visitor experience using a combination of educational insights and technical innovation, thereby developing organisational thinking and building capacity to reach our audience as individuals.

Boston Children's Museum, Massachusetts
Fellow: Gail Ringel, Vice President, Exhibits and Production
Sponsor: Carole Charnow, President
Convene a technology task force to evaluate the qualities of new and emerging technologies that best enhance the public’s museum experience while strengthening ties to constituents and our broad museum community.

California Science Center
Fellow: Diane Perlov, Senior Vice President for Exhibits
Sponsor: Jeffrey Rudolph, President
Starting in California’s Native American communities, work via schools and community organizations to extend the impact of the Center and create a two-way involvement between the Center and diverse rural populations.

Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation
Fellow: Stacy Wakeford, Director, Exhibitions
Sponsor: Denise Amyot, President and CEO
Undertake a "Collaborative Design Initiative" with an under-represented local community to develop an exhibition, program, or event that engages a group that does not typically frequent science centers.

Detroit Zoological Society, Michigan
Fellow: Scott Carter, Chief Life Sciences Officer
Sponsor: Ron Kagan, Executive Director and CEO
Develop and lead a comprehensive process to understand green literacy - knowledge about the environment and how our actions and behaviors affect it – in southeast Michigan and develop/coordinate programs to improve it.

Exploratorium, California
Fellow: Tom Rockwell, Director of Exhibits
Sponsor: Rob Semper, Executive Associate Director
Craft a rationale and strategic plan for the Human Phenomena Project, a long-term initiative about exhibiting the social and behavioral sciences and their mirrors in the arts and humanities.

Hagley Museum and Library, Delaware
Fellow: Joan Hoge-North, Deputy Director for Museum Administration
Sponsor: Geoff Halfpenny, Executive Director
Develop and implement an immersive dialog about sustainable communities, using the return of hydro-power to Hagley as an example, therby transforming our museum into a forum for ongoing conversations and inspiration.

Miami Science Museum, Florida
Fellow: Sean Duran, Vice President, Exhibition and Design
Sponsor: Gillian Thomas, CEO
Engender ownership for the new MiaSci by fostering more diverse group of enthusiastic, influential individuals and organizations to mobilize community involvement and find tangible expression within the new Museum.

Montshire Museum of Science, Vermont
Fellow: Greg DeFrancis, Director of Education
Sponsor: David Goudy, Executive Director
Increase the capacity for quality science teaching and learning in small, rural schools through the development of a Museum-School partnership model which can be implemented across multiple independent school districts.

Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts
Fellow: Andrea Durham, Director, Exhibit Development and Conservation
Sponsor: Paul Fontaine, Vice President, Education
Develop an exhibition, What is Technology? (working title), that will integrate new partners from the community into the multi-disciplinary team that works on development of the content, interactives, and ongoing interpretation.

National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, District of Columbia
Fellow: Shari Werb, Director of Education and Outreach
Co-Sponsor: Claudine Brown, Assistant Secretary for Education and Access
Co-Sponsor: Cristián Samper, Director 
Create a pan-Smithsonian Youth Science Training, Experience and Mentoring Consortium (SYSTEMIC) to deepen and integrate our efforts to engage young people in science, especially those from underserved communities.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, California
Fellow: Karen Wise, Vice President, Education and Exhibitions
Sponsor: Jane Pisano, President and Director
Engaging Angelenos with nature, wildlife and science in the heart of the city and throughout greater Los Angeles.

Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom
Fellow: Ailsa Barry, Head of Interactive Media
Sponsor: Sharon Ament, Director of Public Engagement
Change NHM’s approach to content output by facilitating participation and input from a broad range of internal and external contributors and exploring new channels of distribution to extend reach and accessibility.

Omaha Children's Museum, Nebraska 
Fellow: Jeff Barnhart, Chief Museum Officer
Sponsor: Lindy Hoyer, Executive Director
Create a model to produce three, consecutive, community-driven exhibits that involve area corporations, individuals and organizations and that draws comparable attendance numbers of popular third-party exhibitions.

OMSI, Oregon
Fellow: Marcie Benne, Evaluation and Visitor Studies Manager
Sponsor: Ray Vandiver, Vice President, Center for Learning Experiences
Develop and implement community-based participatory research to define, measure, and reflect on community motivations and impacts of our vision: “catalyze people to take action toward a healthy and sustainable society.”

Science Center NEMO, Netherlands
Fellow: Amito Haarhuis, Manager Science Learning Center
Sponsor: Michiel Buchel, General Manager/Director
Develop the Science Learning Center further into an innovative educational hub in order to have a larger impact on the knowledge of and enthusiasm for science and technology in the Dutch society.

Technopolis, Belgium
Fellow: Patricia Verheyden, Experience Director
Sponsor: Erik Jacquemyn, CEO
Develop a master plan for the expansion and renewal of Technopolis® and create new exhibitions and programs so that we remain innovative and attractive for our current audiences, as well as our underserved audiences.

Teknikens Hus, Sweden
Fellow: Eva Jonsson, Deputy Director
Sponsor: Olle Nordberg, Director
Build a platform for entrepreneurial learning that will support the inception of the new Teknikens Hus where we constitute a new and expanded role for the science centre in the region.