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Noyce Leadership Fellows 2013 (Cohort 6)

*Institutions are listed based on affiliation at the time of the Fellowship.

Bay Area Discovery Museum, California
Fellow: Amparo Leyman Pino, Director of Educational Content and Programming
Sponsor: Karyn Flynn, CEO & Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Create a Latino Advisory Board for all the museums and science centers in the Bay Area in order to create a model that could be replicated in any other museum in the United States.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International, United Kingdom
Fellow: Julia Willison, Director of Education
Sponsor: Kathy MacKinnon, Board Member
Strategic Initiative: Engage with 20 botanic gardens throughout Europe to support them to develop their social role for the benefit of local communities and for long-term sustainability and plant conservation.

Centre for Life, United Kingdom
Fellow: Andy Lloyd, Head of Special Projects
Sponsor: Linda Conlon, Chief Executive
Strategic Initiative: The Maker Conversations will draw together the cultural, academic, and community sectors within Newcastle to co-design facilities and activities to stimulate and support grassroots innovation and technology in the city.

Children's Museum Pittsburgh
Fellow: Chris Siefert, Deputy Director
Co-Sponsor: Bill Valenta, Board Member
Co-Sponsor: Jane Werner, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Create a center of learning, making, experimentation, and convening that will support innovative youth programs, mentoring, research and development, entrepreneurs, and design-thinking through partnerships with higher education and others.

ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, Vermont
Fellow: Molly Loomis, Director of Education
Sponsor: Phelan Fretz, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Build an aspirational strategy for community engagement, which draws on the cultural resources of the Burlington community to create relevant programs, partnerships and practices at ECHO.

Explora, New Mexico
Fellow: Kristin Leigh, Deputy Director
Sponsor: Joe Hastings, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Forge partnerships with other local organizations, in order to better leverage mutual connections and resources and to increase Explora’s access to new projects and sources of funding.

Montshire Museum of Science, Vermont
Fellow: Jennifer Rickards, Associate Director
Sponsor: David Goudy, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Develop a community partnership designed to determine how the Museum should engage underserved families in our region and implement new strategies to do so effectively.

Miami Science Museum
Fellow: Jennifer Santer, Vice President of Content and Programs
Sponsor: Frank Steslow, Chief Operating Officer
Strategic Initiative: Create a sustainable Social Action Program that engages diverse audiences in Museum-led environmental restoration projects, that provide tangible benefits to participants, the environment, and the broader community.

Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
Fellow: Katrin Vohland, Senior Scientist
Sponsor: Johannes Vogel, Generaldirektor
Strategic Initiative: Develop the role of natural history museums in society by making the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin a School for Public Engagement with Science based on interdisciplinary partnerships and networks.

National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C.
Fellow: Barbara Stauffer, Acting Chief of Programming and Partnerships
Sponsor: Shari Werb, Director of Education and Outreach
Strategic Initiative: Develop a framework and a process for inviting the local creative community to work with the Museum in mutually identifying, designing, funding, and executing interdisciplinary, participatory, and contributory projects.

Ontario Science Centre
Fellow: Karen Hager, Director of Science Engagement
Sponsor: Lesley Lewis, CEO / Directrice Générale
Strategic Initiative: Further expand our Community Engagement initiatives through the development of a community science festival, with a particular focus on building capacity within a variety of communities through on-going collaborative efforts.

Saint Louis Science Center
Fellow: Jennifer Heim, Director of Strategic Planning and Projects
Sponsor: Bert Vescolani, President/CEO
Strategic Initiative: Collaborate with the actively creative community to transform how we engage our primary audience, inviting them into a creative process, leading to deeper engagement with science.

Sciencenter, New York
Fellow: Tim Scott, Associate Director for Program
Sponsor: Charlie Trautmann, Executive Director
Strategic Initiative: Engage and lead museum personnel and community members through the process of reimagining the Sciencenter’s program so it aligns with our mission and vision to empower our community.

ScienceCenter-Network, Austria
Fellow: Barbara Streicher, Executive Manager
Sponsor: Josef Fröhlich, Board Member
Strategic Initiative: Set up spaces within and for local communities as experimental science center labs, run and cared for by the Network.

Thinktank – Birmingham Science Museum, United Kingdom
Fellow: Janine Eason, Director of Learning and Operations
Sponsor: Graham Allen, Trustee, Birmingham Museums Trust
Strategic Initiative: Develop a sustainable relationship between Thinktank and its growing community of students and young professionals that meets their needs and promotes a greater sense of ownership of the museum.
The University of Montana spectrUM Discovery Area
Fellow: Holly Truitt, Director
Sponsor: Ric Hauer, Director of Institute on Ecosystems
Strategic Initiative: Develop a collaborative made up of stakeholders, funders, and decision makers to expand our mobile science center’s capacity to serve all of Montana counties and American Indian Reservations.

The Works, Bloomington, Minnesota
Fellow: Jill Measells, CEO
Sponsor: Katy Kolbeck, Trustee
Strategic Initiative: Co-create a permanent community space at The Works. Building a new approach for engaging the community in defining and developing resources, exhibits, and programs.