Most of the coaching and performance assessment materials listed here are available in a more user-friendly format on the Inside Mathematics website. We encourage you to visit the tools on Inside Mathematics and contact us if you have any questions.


Pedagogical Content Coaching

Core Ideas, Grades K-10

Math Teaching Rubric

MAC Suggested Planning and Resource Material (Year Curriculum Map)

Math Coaching Observation Guide


Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative Formative Assessment Program

Formative Mathematics Assessment: Standards, Performance Assessment Tasks and Student Work

How Performance Tasks Are Used to Inform Instruction

MARS Tasks & Tools for Teachers: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

Problems of the Month are available on the Inside Mathematics website.


Lesson Study Group at Mills College

Presentation on Lesson Study


Pathways Report: Dead Ends and Wrong Turns on the Path Through Algebra - This report by Steve Waterman, educational consultant and former superintendent of Brisbane and Bayshore school districts, reflects on the implications of a study that examines the progression of students in several Bay Area school districts as they proceed from eighth to ninth grade math classes. The findings indicate that students and their parents face a bewildering array of course titles, that many students – even those who are successful – repeat Algebra, that repeating Algebra is not certain to yield better grades in ninth grade, and that placement decisions are correlated to ethnicity and parent education, but not gender.

EdSource 2009 Report: Algebra Policy in California

The Algebra Crisis – Presentation by David Foster at the California Algebra Forum, October 2008

The Real Change Agents: Building a Professional Learning Community – Presentation by David Foster at the California Mathematics Conference, November 2008

Reading Comprehension of Word Problems and Other Mathematical Text – Presentation by Phil Daro, January 2007

Math Intervention – Presentation by Phil Daro, January 2007

Mathematics Instruction for English Language Learners – Presentation by Luis Harold Asturias Méndez, November 2007